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How I’m Investing During Coronavirus Pandemic

by | Jul 23, 2020 | Real Estate Investing

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I am making short term investments where there is the greatest demand — the apartment market and the entry level housing market. 


That means I am brokering or buying apartments at a discount to immediately resell and I’m aggressively buying distressed single family homes to immediately resell as-is to an investor who will go on to flip the property and I’ve begun offering hard money financing to investors that are rehabbing properties with ARVs in the entry level price point. 

• Brokering and/or flipping Apartments
• Wholesaling Distressed Single Family Homes 
• Hard Money Lending to Investors selling single family homes in the entry level price point

I am investing this way because that’s where I see the most money being made in the shortest time frame. 


While I love cashflow investing — and I would take on a long term buy and hold position if a great one stood out — I am currently in sell mode because I believe the house of cards that is propping up the market will eventually crash — and there will be more discount buying opportunities. 


The springtime really showed how quick the market can drop. 


While I don’t believe a second or third shutdown will cause a shock the way the first shutdown did — the result of shutting down businesses, putting people out of work, will have a negative impact on the economy and the government can only print the solution for so long… 


For those reasons, I am taking short term positions in apartments and entry level housing opportunities. 


I am excited to see how this thing shakes out. 


Bottom line, the economy has been on an upward trajectory for a very long time and what goes up must come down. 

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