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Investment Real Estate Broker, eXp Commercial

Dear Real Estate Investor,

I’m reaching out to select property owners who have earned substantial equity in their investment property.

Based on when you purchased the property, and how the market has been trending upward, you are in a great position to optimize your real estate portfolio.

The real estate market is all about timing. Of course, there’s “location” but beating the market is all about “timing, timing, timing.”

But you have to ACT. Now is your prime opportunity to sell at the height of the market.

To our shared success,

Nico Cordova,
Investment Real Estate Broker, eXp Commercial

I am an Investment Real Estate Broker focused exclusively on the sale of commercial size income properties.


Market conditions are highly favorable toward sellers
right now for TWO BIG REASONS.



Even the investors that aren’t going through traditional lenders have access to good rates and quick funding.

But how long will it last? The Federal Reserve can only keep rates down for so long.

The artificial demand cannot sustain itself forever. I am counting on a very strong market through the 2020 Presidential Election. But after that, I’m not so confident.



I think this has a lot to do with a strong overall economy – there’s a lot of people making a lot of money right now and they’re seeking ROI on that money.

But also because Colorado has become extremely popular. You’ve read the news… there’s countless people moving here from all over the country. It’s great. People want to be here, housing demand goes up and the demand for commercial space and services goes up with it.

Investors are selling properties in primary markets and exchanging their equity into secondary and tertiary markets where they can earn a decent income in relation to the value of the building. Once again, the question remains… how long will the good times last? Once the job market softens, or the monetary policy catches up to itself, budgets will tighten and prices will go down. Property owners will lose that fickle little thing we call “equity”.

When the market shifts, Investors won’t be so frenzied to buy your building at the price you can command right now.

That’s why right now is the time to sell.

Right now, you have a golden opportunity at hand to leverage the equity in your building to reposition your real estate holdings.

Right now, you can capitalize on market conditions to optimize your portfolio. Imagine how you will feel if you missed your opportunity to beat the market.



I’m a market professional and for all intents and purposes a real dealmaker.

I am in the trenches working deals with investors, brokers, lenders, appraisers, attorneys, accountants, managers, title agents, financiers


I’m not just a spectator on the sidelines.

I represent Investors on the sale and purchase of investment properties. I negotiate with Brokers on deals in progress and keep a careful eye on market trends both published and unpublished. I go rounds with appraisers when the report comes back with issues.

I maintain strong ties with lenders, financiers, and credit partners that are ready to fund acquisitions.

Real estate is my business and business is good.

I started in real estate back in 2016 doing what is now called rental arbitrage.

It’s a fancy way of saying… I made money on the spread between the long term rent rate on a building and the short term rate I would sub-let the property for.


Rental Arbitrage in Denver, CO

I would lease an apartment for $1,000 per month. Divide that by 30.4 days in a month and I paid roughly $32.89 for my nightly rent rate. Well, I recognized the housing demand in my neighborhood and knew people would pay far more than $32 per night. So, I began marketing my apartment on a short-term basis for $95 per night. For every night the unit was occupied, I would net roughly $62.11. Then I started scaling my business and signed another lease, and another lease, and another lease… until I had 7 apartments in Denver. I made a good chunk of change even at 70% monthly occupancy rate.




It was fun while it lasted. Then the laws changed and it didn’t work out any longer. But that’s okay… because I’m an opportunity seeker and I found a new opportunity in no time.

After the short term rental thing, I decided to get my real estate license. I knew right away that my niche was going to be selling cashflowing investment properties.

I love investment real estate. I think it’s one of the best things in the world. I genuinely believe helping individuals build their wealth through real estate is what I was meant to do. It’s what I was made for. It’s my skill in life. I’m a dealmaker. And I wanna go to work for you.

I want to help you maximize the timing opportunity that we have before us so you can reposition your real estate portfolio to match your position in life.


• Exchange-up into a larger investment property (even though it’s a seller’s market I can still help position you into a great deal. (See below for details)

• Exchange into an investment property that reduces and / or eliminates management like a NNN building

• Carry the paper on your building using owner financing so you can continue to receive the cashflow without the ownership responsibilities

• Trade the equity you have into another real estate investment

• Sell your building so you can re-invest in your business

• Cash-out entirely and travel around the world on the hard earned profits

Real Estate is an investment vehicle… its job is to get you from where you’re at to where you want to go.

I will craft a unique and personalized marketing plan that will get you where you want to be.
Wherever it is you wanna go… I can help get you there.



As I mentioned, I’m a market professional – I know what Investors are looking for and I go after that asset.
It’s a hunt, you eat what you kill, and you will eat far better with my help.

• I’m laser focused on finding and bringing new investment opportunities to the market.
• I know how to position properties to appeal to the largest and most qualified pool of buyers.
• I’m connected with a national network of brokers and investors that are ready to buy now.

What this means for you: If you are exchanging into another property, you need a strong broker to go to work and find you the best deal whether it’s published on the market or not.

Sellers: To be clear, I’m not just going to “bring you a buyer” – I have clients that I have actual agreements with that require a high level of service from me. I can’t just be chasing down half-baked deals without a signed agreement.


I began my career listing and selling the highest cash-flowing assets i.e. highly distressed properties in dangerous neighborhoods. It takes some marketing chops to successfully position a highly distressed property into a “strong potential opportunity”. But I did it, and I did it well. In addition, I have been a principal in the purchase of over 25 real estate acquisitions. I know how to identify a property’s strengths, underwrite the value, and pitch the project for financing.

What that means for you: I will position your property so that it captures the attention of the most qualified investors. Even if you’ve had some weak performing years, I can position it so the future looks brighter than ever for the next guy. And if I have to battle with the lender or the appraiser over the value, I know exactly what they want to see to fund the value we need.


When I first started investing in real estate, I didn’t have the financials that met the strict standards of traditional lenders. It didn’t stop me from acquiring title to properties.

Through necessity, I learned of a variety of ways to make a deal happen. I have strong ties with local and national financing sources – which allows me to get more deals done than Brokers that have to rely on traditional lenders alone.

Types of deals I have structured as an Agent or Principle:
• Owner financing, lease options, master leases, subject-to financing, sale and lease-back transactions
• Purchasing entities such as Syndications, LLC’s, Joint Ventures, Tenant’s in Common using a combination of debt and equity sources
• Wholesale assignments and double-closings
• Equity trading and exchanging into other assets

What this means for you: This means there’s no type of investment transaction I can’t help you with. This means that you have options. Think you’re restricted to a straight buy/sell? Think again. There’s more than one way to skin a cat. I’ve got experience selling even the most difficult properties.


I believe in “building the market” for every property I represent.

I understand that every piece of real estate is unique and should be valued and marketed accordingly.

Likewise, I believe every investor’s goals are unique and should be the top priority when crafting a marketing plan to sell an investment property.

I will craft a customized marketing plan to yield the benefits you seek.

I am so confident that you will be thrilled by the plan I put together, that I will back it with a personal guarantee.

100 DAY GUARANTEE: If you are not completely satisfied with our marketing efforts in the first 100 days,
you are free to terminate our listing agreement without issue.


I understand what it takes to “build the market” around an investment property to produce the largest and most qualified buyer pool for all my property offerings.

By closing over 75 transactions in my first 3 years in the business, I’ve had the chance to test all types of marketing methods.

You can utilize the experience I’ve gained to
Premiums Included in every listing agreement at no additional charge:

Consultation & Property Evaluation Value $250 per hour
Financial Analysis and Proforma Value $75 per hour
Building & Aerial Photography Value $450
Drone Videography Value $450
Marketing Brochure Value $500
Premium Listing Exposure on CRE Sites Value $459 per month
Social Media Promotions Value $49 per month
Proprietary Software to locate Qualified Investors $999 per month
Attendance at Investor Conferences to Pitch Deals Value $300 + airfaire + lodging
Total Value included in Exclusive Listing Assignments $......

I invest thousand of dollars and dozens of hours into every exclusive listing assignment. I make the investment before any payment for service is rendered or due.

17%: That’s how much of a difference your real estate agent will make on the final sales price of your investment property (source).

That’s $170,000 for every $1,000,000 in sales price.


“Nico went above and beyond to sell my rental property. He helped suggest and manage contractors while I was out of town and even got his own hands dirty when needed. Nico sold my investment property in under two weeks and set a record in my neighborhood for price per square foot! I have already contracted a new investment property with Nico and would highly recommend him!”

– A.S. | Centennial, CO

“Nico is extremely knowledgeable in the real estate business. The sale of our investment property went very smoothly. Our property was sold within the first two days it was on the market. Closing was within 30 days. I cannot stress how pleased we were with Nico's attentiveness to our needs. I highly recommend Nico for your real estate needs!”

– C.G | Pueblo, CO

“Nico did a great job in marketing my investment property. Frankly, I'm patting myself on the back because is did some online research on whom to list with and quickly picked Nico. I could not have asked for more effort or better communication. I recommend Nico very highly.”

– T.S. | Salida, CO

“Nico worked diligently to ensure the purchase of my property. Nico maintained an open honest line of communication with me through out the process. Nico truly displays a passion for real estate. Once my set loan amount was established he went above and beyond to show me all my options. He definitely had the clients best interest at heart. Thank you Nico!”

– J.C. | Pueblo, CO

“I would definitely recommend Nico, he’s very professional. Nico found me a portfolio lender that could take my financial situation and get me a loan… and that was pivotal to getting the transaction done. Working with Nico was really terrific.”

– H.P. | Castle Pines, CO

“Nico Cordova was a very knowledgeable agent and if I ever have need of a real estate agent in the future, I would not want to work with any other agent. He was extremely attentive to my needs and worked with me through some difficult situations. I HIGHLY recommend Nico!!”

– B.G. | Pueblo, CO

“Nico is wonderful to work with and I highly recommended him for your real estate needs. I enjoyed every step of the buy/selling process and admire Nico’s work ethic. He works hard to assure the best for his client. Nico’s knowledge of the market is second to none and I look forward to continuing business with him!”

– A.G. | Denver, CO



In 20 minutes or less, you will…

• Discover the market value of your investment property
• Learn how to maximize the equity in your real estate
• Find out if you are eligible for a tax-deferred 1031 exchange
• Learn about the advantages of trading your equity into other investments

If you want to capitalize on market conditions, so you can maximize the value of your real estate portfolio, then you need to contact me to schedule a one-on-one consulation before the market shifts and you miss your golden opportunity.

To our shared success,

Nico Cordova,
Investment Real Estate Broker, eXp Commercial


Cordova Real Estate Investments is a team of commercial real estate brokers that is led by seasoned investment broker Nico Cordova. We specialize in commercial size income properties in emerging sub-markets across Colorado.

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